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Striders Grand Prix Series

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Strider Grand Prix Series, open to all Club Members. The winners with most points in each age category at the end of the series will win a perpetual award to be presented at the following Club Presentation & Awards evening.

For every race in the series each member will win points depending on their placement. For instance the first club member in each event age category will be awarded 100 points, second placement will be awarded 99 points, third placement 98 points. So you could be the only Strider in that race you win 100 points!

The aim is to compete in as many races listed below as possible, with your best 10 scoring events counting towards your final score in the series table. 

This year the series will be operated from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019. You will need to be a fully paid up member at the point of your first race to qualify and make sure you register as a Stowmarket Strider when you complete your race entry so you show up in the results. If you aren't registered then it doesn't count.  If you are new to the club and want to take part mid-season then you are most welcome, but only the races that you enter as a Strider going forward will count.

Your age category will be determined at 1st April and be held for the rest of the series.

Age Categories are: Male and Female - Senior Open, Vet 40-44, Vet 45-49, Vet 50-54, Vet 55-59, Vet 60-64, Vet 65+


2018/19 Results (latest update 2-10-18)


2017/18 Winners

Age Category 2017/18 Winner Points
Senior Female Gemma Porch 1296
FV40-44 Juliet Garnham 1188
FV45-49 Becky Jack 1188
FV50-54 Sharon Warland 1188
FV55-59 Wendy Hughes 1099
FV60+ Chris Gay 500
Senior Male Andy Hayward 1350
MV40-44 Nick Palmer 897
MV45-49 Martin Little 883
MV50-54 Robert Reason  1573
MV55-59 Iain Hunter 987
MV60-64 Kerr Macrossen 1196
MV65+ Stephen Mead 800


2016/17 Winners

Age Category 2016/17 Winner Points
Senior Female Emma Attwood 1099
FV40-44 Catherine Belsom 897
FV45-49 Melody-Ann Neville 1498
FV50-54 Jo Stephenson 998
FV55-59 Wendy Hughes 1097
FV60+ Anne Fish 400
Senior Male James Hayward 1197
MV40-44 Richard Leeder 985
MV45-49 Paul Heeks 1078
MV50-54 David Daniels  1282
MV55-59 Iain Hunter 1382
MV60-64 Don Beatty 890
MV65+ Grayhame Fish 694




2018/19 Qualifying Races

Race Date Entry
Breckland 10k 7th May 2018 Race Diary
Jaffa track 5k 4th June 2018 Via Captains
Bury Friday 5 22nd June 2018 Race Diary
Twilight 10k Ipswich 3rd August 2018 Race Diary
Gt Yarmouth Half Marathon August 12th Race Diary
Pacers track 5k September Via Captains
Hadleigh 5 November 2018 Race Diary
Hadleigh 10 November 2018 Race Diary
Woodbridge XC December 2018 On the day
Stowmarket  XC January 2019 On the day
Tarpley 10 February 2019 Race Diary
Bury XC February 2019 On the day
Bungay XC (Fritton lake) March 2019 On the day
Bungay Half Marathon April 2019 Race Diary



2017/18 Qualifying Races

Race Date Entry Link
Alton Water 5k 7th May 2017 Results
Alton Water 10k 7th May 2017 Results
Kirton Friday 5m 2nd June 2017 Results
Striders. Pacers, Jaffa's 5k Track Challenge 22nd May 2017 Results
Great Bentley Friday 5m 7th July 2017 Results
Ipswich Twilight 10k 18th Aug 2017 Results
Striders. Pacers, Jaffa's 5k Track Challenge 4th Sept 2017 Results
Coastal 10m 10th Sept 2017 Results
Ipswich Half Marathon 24th Sept 2017 Results
Lowestoft Half Marathon 1st Oct 2017 Results
Framlingham XC October 2017 Results
Woodbridge XC 3rd December 2017 Results
Turkey Trot 10m 10th December 2017 Results
Suffolk County XC Championships 8th January 2018 Results
Stowmarket XC 14th January 2018 Results
Bury XC 18th February 2018 Results
Tarpley 10 25th February 2018 Results
Bungay XC 11th March 2018 Results
Haverhill XC 25th March 2018 Results
Bungay 10k 8th April 2018 Results
Heritage Coast HM 6th May 2018 Results

Striders  Grand Prix Series Rules:

1. The series will be operated from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019.

2. The Club Committee will decide each year how many, and which events are to be included.

3. Club members will be automatically included in the Series providing they have paid their membership fees and will score points for each race providing they are shown in the results as a member of Stowmarket Striders.

4. The first club member in each event in each age category (man and woman) will be awarded 100 series points, the second placed will be awarded 99 points etc.

5. Each member’s best 10 scoring events will count towards the final series table. In the event of a tie, positions will be determined by head-to-head results of tied runners.

6. Awards will be in 7 categories to the highest scoring man and woman in age groups:

Senior Open
Vet 40-44 
Vet 45-49 
Vet 50-54 
Vet 55-59
Vet 60-64 
Vet 65+

Age is determined at 1st April for the whole of  the series.

 7. Any disputes will be settled by the Club committee.