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Club Championships

The Club Championships handicap races are usually held every last Tuesday of the month, starting in April/May during the British Summer Time, at 7:00pm from the Mid-Suffolk Leisure Centre. This means that there are 6 handicap races a year. The course is a 2 lap urban 5k route, starting and finishing at the Leisure Centre.

The format of the race is not the conventional start together and finish staggered. Instead the start is staggered with the slower runners starting earlier araces to the line.

The winner of the Club Championships will be based upon their handicap race performance. Traditionally the winners are announced and awarded at the clubs annual Awards Christmas Party.

Prizes will be awarded for:-

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Men
1st, 2nd & 3rd Ladies
1st Male V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65, V70
1st Female V35, V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65

The handicap race is kindly run by Chris Starmer every year. A few helpers are always welcome to marshal the course for safety and security reasons.

Dates for 2018 Club Championships

Race 1 1st May  
Race 2 29th May  
Race 3 3rd July  
Race 4 17th July  
Race 5 7th August  
Race 6 28th August  


The 2018 Winners are:





1st Overall

Mary Hayward

1st Overall

Dean Rednall

2nd Overall

Kendra Boag

2nd Overall

Adrian Cole

3rd Overall

Julia Moss-Eccaardt

3rd Overall

Tim Drain


Jess Kerridge


Alfie Larke


Vicky Hobbs


Sam Burdett


Claire Keefe


Gavin Palmer


Julie Nunn


Chris Seymour


Rachel Terry


Robert Reason


Helen Heron


Tony Burdett


Angela Whiting


Iain Hunter


Denise Robinson


Frank Moggan


Anne Fish



Sue Moggan



2017 Club Champions

Female Category Winner Male Category Winner
1st Female Becky Jack 1st Male Andy Hayward
2nd Female Laura Brown 2nd Male Gavin Boag
3rd Female Helen Cain 3rd Male Jason Allard
Female Junior Kate Heeks Male Junior Alfie Larke
Female Senior Pippa Sargent Male Senior Alex Hobbs
Female V35 Claire Keefe Male V40 Richard Leeder
Female V40 Lorraine Mills Male V45 Chris Seymour
Female V45 Angela Burdett Male V50 Bob Reason
Female V50 Jo Stephenson Male V55 Andrew Webber
Female V55 Debbie McDowell Male V60 Don Beatty
Female V60 Jean Lynch-Aird Male V65 David Loades
Female V65 Sue Moggan Male V70 Peter Gay

Many congratulations to all our winners

Explanation of the Handicap System

The basic idea is to start runners off at staggered 15 second intervals so that all runners finish at the same time. This nearly always does not happen as some runners improve or have better days than others.

Points are awarded for finishing position and bonuses. The Strider with the highest accumulated score at the end of the year will be awarded the Club Championship. There will be a prize for the top Male and Female. Remember there are only 6 races a year, generally on the last Tuesday of each month between April and September.

Race No % Load
1 10
2 8
3 6
4 4
5 2
6 1

In addition to this, there are Position Loading for those who finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Postition % Load
1st 1
2nd 0.5
3rd 0.25

The loading is aggregated so that after a 1st place and a 3rd place, the runners start time will be increased by 1.25% and so on in any one year. The reasoning is to spread the opportunities for other runners to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Points Scoring

Points are awarding in two categories, position and bonus.

Position points start simply at 20 for the winner, 19 for second place, 18 for third and so on down to a minimum of 1 point which everyone scores for completing a race.

Bonus points are awarded depending on how close a runner gets to their PB. As this is the start, many runners will be getting PB's but again, this will be settling down after the first year. If a runner equals or exceeds their PB, then a bonus of 12 is awarded. A time over 99% of their PB scores a bonus of 11, and so on down to 90% that scores a bonus of 2.

Runners top 5 races count towards their Championships score.

Please also note that the finishing times are aged-graded to a 5k time to ensure that veterans do not miss out on the bonus point awards.

There will always be debates on how to run and score a handicap race system and these rules may be changed subtly from time to time. However we hope they are reasonably fair to the runners, including veteran runners and also take into account the natural improvement of new runners. Any suggested changes are open to discussion and can be raised with Chris Starmer or any other committee member.

Club Champions past

Year Ladies Champions Men's Champions
2018 Mary Hayward Dean Rednall
2017 Becky Jack Andy Hayward
2016 Kate Beer Matt Tomkins
2015 Yvonne Doe Matt Tomkins
2014 Dianne Hughes James Hayward


Dianne Hughes Steve Pretty, Jason Allard & Peter Mills
2012 Angela Burdett David Kaye
2011 Hollie Morris Grayhame Fish
2010 Charmaine Geraghty Neil Martin
2009 Jan Starmer Dave Watt
2008 Jo Stephenson Chris Seymour
2007 Naomi Hall Jim Rossiter
2006 Charmaine Geraghty David Scotford
2005 Penny Waggott Anthony Reidy
2004 Lorraine Phillips Les King
2003 Rachel Champion Andrew Green
2002 Rosemary Thurston Nick Stevens
2001 Katy Nash Richard Nash
2000 Sue Seggar Glenn Stephens
1999 Tamara Jordan Paul Goldman
1998 Tamara Jordan Nick Stephens
1997 Maria Reynolds Malcolm Rendall
1996 Hilary Clarke Paul Sparkes
1995 Anne Fellingham Trevor Abbott
1994 Anne Fellingham Les King
1993 Anne Fellingham Peter Tricker
1992   Richard Jordan
1991   Chris Starmer
1990   Chris Starmer
1989   R Kemp