Stowmarket Striders
Running Club

Club Standards

To motivate and encourage members to compete in races and work to improve their times the club uses a set of standards for the Stowmarket Striders Running Club graded as Tungsten, Bronze, Silver, Gold and finally Platinum.

Should you achieve one of the graded standards for your age range in a "distance certified accurate" race, please email the following information to Team Captains.

  • Name for Certificate
  • Name of Race
  • Official Time Recorded
  • Age on day of the race
  • Club standard level you are applying for, i.e. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Tungsten


Once confirmed, a certificate will be presented to you at a club night.

Whats the Scheme for?

The aim of the running club standards is to give each runner, regardless of ability, the motivation and the focus to train for a specific goal. Setting realistic and achievable standards within the club not only encourages a sense of fulfilment on achieving your target but will also hopefully motivated and inspires other athletes in having a go. You don't have to be a Paula Ratcliffe or a Roger Bannister to achieve these standards, but you will have to train for them.

Who is eligible for the club standard achievement award?

Any member of the Stowmarket Striders Running Club.

What races distances count towards the scheme?

5km, 5 miles, 10km, 10 miles, Half Marathon, 15 miles, 20 miles, Marathon

Having achieved a club standard at a race, how do I go about getting my certificate?

Simply email your results to either Team Captain as detailed above.

What will I receive on achieving a club standard?

You will be presented a professionally designed certificate. It will display your name, distance, time and level achieved.

When will I receive the certificate and where?

You will be presented your certificate either on a Tuesday club night, social functions or AGM's.

If I race abroad and achieve a club standard, does it count?

Yes it does. As long as it's an official sanctioned race by a recognised athletic governing body.

Do training runs count?

No. Only official races that have been accurately measured and timed.

How many certificates can I be awarded?

You will be awarded the highest standard in your age group per distance. For example, if you achieved a silver, you will only be presented the silver and not the bronze as well. If after being presented your award you achieve the next standard (i.e. gold), you are then eligible to apply for the award. If you move up an age group, you can only claim for standards achieved whilst racing in that age category.

If I'm not sure, whom do I speak to?

The Club Team Captains.


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